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No Kiddin

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No Guessin x Loud Mouth

Bred by: Troy Loudermilk

When Bill at Southern Gold posted this boar, I had no intention of purchasing a spot boar.  However, he was simply too incredible of a specimen to pass up.  He is stacked with a winning pedigree that includes champion littermates, champion mother, and champion grandmother and great-grandmother.  From Fort Worth to OYE to CPS Summer Type Conference, this sow line behind No Kiddin is as potent as any across the country.  Visually, he impresses as many visitors to the boar stud as any.  He truly needs to be utilized in farms across the country.

Contact Information:

Ordering/Shipping:  Amy O’Steen 912-218-9005

Sales & Marketing:  Kyle Mendes 209-556-7499

Manager:  Jason O’Steen 912-387-5359

Breed: Spot

$75 per Dosage

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