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Lug Wrench


Sugar Daddy x Leroy

Bred by: West Texas Genetics

When we rode to Clint Halfman's to pick up two purebred boars, we had zero intentions of loading up a crossbred.  Yet, when I saw this direct Sugar Daddy son, I knew he needed a place in Waycross, GA.  Big limbs and an athletic hind leg is what everyone is striving for in today's showpig industry.  When you add his productive look, we believe he will make elite kind of show gilts that will generate just the same way his daddy did.

Contact Information:

Ordering/Shipping:  Amy O’Steen 912-218-9005

Sales & Marketing:  Kyle Mendes 209-556-7499

Manager:  Jason O’Steen 912-387-5359

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