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Counting Ballots


Tormoehlen Showpigs.

Bred by: Troy Loudermilk

Breed: Duroc

We are excited to add Counting Ballots to our purebred line up here at O’Steen Southern Sires. We felt that the red boar show at the Winter Type Conference was as deep with quality as it has ever been. However, when we all sat down at the show to eat boiled peanuts and discuss our favorite boars, at the top of all of our ballots was this Record Beater son. His presence and build is what we thought we needed to compete on the green carpet in Perry, and he comes with a power packed pedigree as his mother won in Perry herself and has already raised Maximum Impact at Southern Gold. The added bonus was that his grandma is a littermate to First Class. We’d like to thank the Tormoehlen crew for offering this great boar.

Contact Information:

Ordering/Shipping:  Amy O’Steen 912-218-9005

Sales & Marketing:  Kyle Mendes 209-556-7499

Manager:  Jason O’Steen 912-387-5359

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