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White Lie

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Tiktok x Roots x Kingpin

Bred by Slayton Show Pigs

Owned with Christy Hog Farm

White Lie comes with a power packed pedigree. His sire is the $56,000 top selling Yorkshire boar from the 2021 STC, and his mom was crowned champion Yorkshire gilt at the same show. White Lie was Slayton's 2022 STC entry and is one we are excited to partner with Christy Hog Farm on. After we got home, Aaron mentioned he had got him bought and knew we were looking to add a York boar to replace 15 Below. It was the perfect match and we got him brought down to Waycross. Once he arrived, it was clear Aaron had made a great decision. This boars ability to get out, and drive paired with his extreme chest floor and back shape gives him the ability to generate Yorkshire pigs with real muscle and power. Pairing that with his stout skull get ready to make Yorks that will push you to the next level. We are extremely excited to partner with Aaron on White Lie. 

Contact Information:

Ordering/Shipping:  Amy O’Steen 912-218-9005

Sales & Marketing:  Kyle Mendes 209-556-7499

Manager:  Jason O’Steen 912-387-5359

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