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Chapter and Verse


Believe in Me x Wedding Night x Visionary x Perfect Remedy 4-8

Bred by: CK2 Showpigs

When we started CK2 a few years ago, it was with the goal to raise showpigs and boars that looked like this.  Studying the pedigree, Belive In Me has been as hot lately as any current sire, and the sow behind him packs one of the most impressive pedigrees on CK2's farm.  Wedding Night and Visionary obviously need no introductions, as they are two of the all-time great sires in showpig history.  But what really makes me excited is the great-grandma behind this boar is Perfect Remedy 4-8 widely believed by many to be the best sow on Ottenwalter's farm.  If the pedigree wasn't enough, visually this boar is as big legged, stout featured, heavy muscled, and as athletic as you can make one.  To be frank, we are pretty proud of this one.  

Contact Information:

Ordering/Shipping:  Amy O’Steen 912-218-9005

Sales & Marketing:  Kyle Mendes 209-556-7499

Manager:  Jason O’Steen 912-387-5359

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